11 Amazing Minimalist Notebooks

With the technological advance, saving ideas in phones or laptops is very easy. However, some people still prefer traditional notebook rather than apps and softwares.

A notebook has a lot of benefits that makes it an ideal choice. If you are looking for an increased creativity and productivity, a notebook is the best tool for that.

A notebook will protect your eyes from the blue light of screens. It’s an easy and fast tool to write down any idea at any moment. When choosing a notebook, you need to consider some features.

Usually, notebooks are gridded, dotter and lined, which can help save time and effort, and some notebooks come with a timeline.

Our focus today is about minimalist notebooks that are characterized by simplicity and elegance. A minimalist notebook will help you declutter your mind and reduce stress when writing. 

1-Moleskine Classic Ruled Soft Cover Notebook

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The first notebook have a variety of characteristics. With 6 colors available, you can choose whatever color you’d like. There are 4 styles, plain, ruled, dotted and squared.

This great notebook could be used for a lot of activities such as note taking in classes, meetings and journal writing.

Moleskine classic notebook has a durable cover and an elastic closure, and you can choose between a hardcover or a soft cover if you like. The price of this notebook is 19$.

2- Action Publishing, Inc. Minimalist NoteBook

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Action publishing inc, has an ideal notebook  for time management and goal setting.

The minimalist aspect dominates this notebook. The thing noticed in this notebook is the clean and uncluttered layout, which helps improve essential tasks like planning and time management.

Action publishing inc notebook is available for 13$ in Amazon.

3- Ogami Repap Stone Paper Hard Cover Notebook

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The best thing about this notebook is the material is made of. This is not a classic notebook made of tree paper or stone paper, it’s made of limestone and ecological resins.

The papers are smooth, whiter, tear resistant and waterproof, which makes them more durable than the rest of notebooks.

This notebook is not pricey, but it’s rare which requires taking time to find it in North America.

4-Rhodia Black Dot Grid Webnotebook

Image Credit : amazon.com

Smooth ivory sheets, pH neutral and acid-free, Rhodia Webnotebook is another great notebook. Although it’s not very popular, this notebook is ideal for fountain pens and the ink doesn’t bleed.

The cover is made with Italian faux leather. It has also a lot of functions, because it includes an inner pocket, ribbon page marker and an elastic closure to protect papers.

The colors available are Black and orange, and Silver. The price is around 15$, and you can order it online via Amazon.

5- Scribbles That Matter

Image Credit : amazon.com

If you are looking for a cool design, Scribbles That Matter is the right choice for you.

This notebook is for young people. The 8 colors you can choose from are beautiful. In fact, picking a notebook from this brand is difficult; because the designs available are wonderful.

The price of this notebook is 19.99$ on amazon.

6- Leuchtturm 1917

Image Credit : amazon.com

Leuchtturm 1917 has one of the most popular notebooks.

The notebooks are available in different colors and sizes besides the type of cover. Compared to other notebooks,

Leuchtturm is characterized by the high number of pages. However, it doesn’t come like that, the price is higher than the rest of the notebooks.

7-Muji Dot-Grid Notebook

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Japan is the home of minimalism. Muji Dot-grid represent japanese minimalism in various activities like goal setting, note taking and planning.

This simple notebook usually comes with a rubber strip and 70 sheets.

The price of this minimalist notebook is 11$, but you can find it with less than 10$ if you take your time to search.

8-Scientific Notebook Company Research Laboratory Notebook

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Whether you want a graph or lined notebook, Laboratory notebook has any thing you need. This notebooks remains special among other notebooks.

The colors you can choose from are limited, and you have only two options, 92 pages or 192 pages.

The lined one is the most expensive while the rest are less expensive. The prices start from 13$ to 25$ on Amazon.

9-Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

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Are you looking for a smart notebook ? Rocketbook Wave got what you need. With the ability to reuse the notebook and microwave-to-erase,

Wave smart notebook stands out from the rest. You can even transfer your notes to Icloud, Google docs and dropbox. This notebook comes with a pen attached to it so that the pen doesn’t get lost.

There is also an app for Android and IOS made for this notebook.

The price is around 30$, which is reasonable.

10-Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

The 100 pages in this notebook are waterproof, which means weather won’t affect the paper. A #2 Ticonderoga or an all weather pen like Fisher space pen coupled with this notebook,

will make your notes intact. The cover is made with Polydura that provides toughness and flexibility. This notebook is convenient for hiking journal and other outside activities. The price depends on the size of the notebook, and you can choose the color you prefer.

11- Word Notebooks Orange

Image Credit : amazon.com

A 3 pack pocket notebook with 48 lined pages, perfect for activities like note taking, planning and journal writing.

The price is 10.99 for all the colors, but the size is still the same. You need to check this small notebook, you may like it.

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