27 Gorgeous Minimalist Kitchen Ideas in 2019

Minimalism has become such a trend in our time. We see it being applied as a style in various ways from art, DIYs, lifestyle to house designs. It can basically be everywhere nowadays and more and more people are adopting this style to their lives.

I think we live in a time where we have these too many objects to buy in stores and online which keep us really distracted from what we really value and cherish and that is what is pushing people to become minimalists.

This is the goal of this concept, it is very simple as it opts for simplicity, clarity, and singleness.

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We like minimalism as a design for kitchens as it gives a modern look to them but why is it important to have a minimalist kitchen? The kitchen is a place where we spend lots of hours cooking our food, eating, and interacting without guests.

It is the center point of the house and having a well-organized minimalist one is becoming more and more of a must. You don’t want to come back from a stressful meeting or day at work to find a disorganized kitchen with piles of plates and dishes everywhere.

Nobody wants their home to be the source of stress in their lives. Also it will be more enjoyable for you to cook in your kitchen, which is probably going to be healthier for you and your family and one of the benefits of that is also to save money because as we know eating in restaurants is more expensive.

So how do we make a minimalist kitchen? That is the question that this article is going to answer and we are going to give you a list of 27 gorgeous minimalist kitchen ideas that you can apply to for kitchen and they are as follow:

1. Luminosity is Important

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One of the details that is very important to achieve is clear and bright luminosity. When you enter a kitchen that is well lit you get this feeling of clarity and it just puts you in an easy going mood.

We recommend you getting cool white light as it is close to achieve the color of natural/day light.

2. Simple Design

Having a simple design for your kitchen means having simple geometric architectural forms that has only one message to convey which is simplicity.

This allows the most important things to shine and it could be as simple as a basket of green apples. A simple design doesn’t have just aesthetic benefits but also psychological and financial. Yes you read it right! Simple means having less things to spend money on and less things to worry about.

3. Less Dishes

We all at a certain point of time during our childhood wondered why our mothers kept having those fancy plates that they never used. Well if you want to have a minimalist kitchen you should get rid of that blueprint.

Get only one set of high quality dishes that is going to be enough for you and keep just a little bit of extra for family and friends’ gatherings.

4. Minimalist Table

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The table is the center of the kitchen and its design makes a lot of difference. Although, of course this will depend on where you dining area is but in most cases it is in the kitchen.

To achieve your desired minimalist look we recommend you getting either a circular or rectangular table, preferably made of wood and a set of simple chairs around it.

You don’t need excessive accessories to put on it. A simple small vase with a green plant placed on the middle of the table will give you the look that you want.

5. Kitchen Island

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Having a kitchen island brings a lot of organization to your kitchen as you can use it to store your supplies and dishes and it can also be used to prepare your food on.

You might also think of placing your table and chairs just right beside it but that depends on the space you have. For the material to be used,

We advise you to use the same material as you have in your whole kitchen and preferably also having the same color or a complementary color because having the same texture makes the whole appearance look unified and simple.

6. Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen cabinet is great for storing the majority of the clutter and dishes in your kitchen so it’s something that you are going to be using a lot. It’s better to use the same material and color that you have in your kitchen and that could be primarily wood or Corian.

7. Let’s Talk Supplies!

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To make a minimalist kitchen you should have supplies that you know you will be using. Here is what you will mostly need: Coffee maker, toast maker, blender, utensils, cutting board, iron pan, bowls, white dishes, pots…etc.

The supplies will depend on the type of food you cook at home but these are what you will usually use. Put two of the most used ones on the countertop and store the other ones in the cabinets.

8. Choose Your Color Palette

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One of the first things that we notice when we enter a place is the colors. In minimalism you don’t need to use lots of colors. White and a dark color gives such a beautiful combination.

However don’t be afraid to use colors, you can add other colors such as red, yellow, or green. Just use complementary colors and the result will be satisfying.


In minimalist kitchens the rule is simple when it comes to which material to use for the cabinets
and countertops. In most cases you will find wood as the most used material, Corian and granite.


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An inbuilt stove will definitely be the best aesthetical option for your kitchen stove, however you should be aware of the consequences.

You will be doing lots of cleaning as boil-overs will flows directly to your countertop.

Minimalism is about making your life easy so maybe that could be not the best functional option for you. A gas or electric will do the job!


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Decoration should also be very simple in a minimalist kitchen.

We advocate bringing a natural color to your kitchen and what better way to that than to simply put a vase with a green plant on the center of the table or in the corner of the countertop.

12.The Sink

You don’t have to put lots of thinking into this part as the sink is already minimalist since it usually has only one color and is made of one material. I personally like stainless steel sinks as it adds an industrial contemporary look.

13. Floor

If you want to have a minimalist kitchen, you should also consider the element of your floor.

Nowadays most of the minimalist kitchen floors are made of ceramic, vinyl, porcelain, glass or stainless steel. You can choose of them depending on your budget and also on the other elements in your kitchen.

You might want to unify the material used in your countertops with the floor but having a different one will not represent any problem.

14. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

You cannot have a minimalist kitchen if you do not clean it. Having a pile of dirty dishes in your kitchen will ruin everything else.

You have to get used to cleaning your dishes each time you cook and finish your meal. I know that sometimes it’s just hard to stay consistent at that but for most part you just have to do it.

15. And Why Not An Outdoor kitchen?

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An outdoor kitchen could be a great alternative to build a minimalist kitchen for those who have enough space to do it.

You can design it to be entirely with wood, stones, or ceramic.

The great thing about an outdoor kitchen is that you can exploit lots of space for greenery around it.

There is even the possibility to install a pergola which will add a cozy and splendid atmosphere.

16. Organize Your Cupboards And Cabinets

Organization is very important to avoid getting everything messy around.

A minimalist kitchen is not just about the clean and simple look on the outside but also on the inside of your cupboard and cabinets.

Try to separate the spaces and use each one for one specific kind of gadgets, utensils, as well as your pots and pans.

17. Use your Phone for Notes

But what does that has to do with minimalism in the kitchen? Some of us if not the majority got into the habit of sticking notes on the fridge which ruins the aesthetics of a minimalist kitchen especially when you fridge is big and covers a big part of your visual field. Use your phone instead and that way you can keep your notes with you everywhere you go.

18. Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are super helpful and they are a life saver when it comes to maintaining everything in order. They function as a map for your utensils and kitchen gadgets. You can also use them to organize your jars of spices, sugar, salt…etc.

19. Kitchen Hood

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To keep your ceiling clean from the airborne greasing, it is recommended to get a kitchen hood. It functions really well for absorbing smoke from the air and preventing it from reaching the ceiling and dirtying it.

You can get it in different colors but it’s better to get it in the same color of your stove

20. Shelves

Shelves are a great option to organize your dishes and keep your countertop clutter free.

Place dishes that you use on a daily basis like, glasses, plates and bowls on the bottom shelf so you can have easy access to them easily.

21. Keep it Simple and Clean

To say that your kitchen is minimalist you just have to accept the fact that it should be clean almost all the time.

The tools that you are going to use for this task should also be very simple and functional. Do not purchase stuff that you won’t use as they will just take space for no reason.

22. Use the Kitchen Island as a Dining Table

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We love minimalism because it makes you creative as you start looking for functionality in everything.

As the kitchen island is placed in the middle you can use it as a dining table.

Just put some chairs around it et Voilà! It is a very simple but clever idea.

23. A Minimalist Fridge

Is it important? The answer is yes.

In my opinion I think that if one element in the kitchen does not go along with the concept of minimalism, it is going to affect the atmosphere of your minimalist kitchen.

The fridge is probably one of the most items that we use in our kitchen,

sometimes we just open it for no reason (let’s be honest we all do that. Right?). Use food containers to save your food and place them in an organized way and avoid using plastic bags.

24. Add a Rug

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Sometimes we feel like the space is really big and empty when we adopt a minimalist style for our kitchen.

One of the best ways to add a cozy warm atmosphere to it is by laying a rug on the floor. By this way you will feel like that the space gets smaller.

25. Pot Rack

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Pot racks are not only functional as they save space in our cabinets and cupboards but they also add a beautiful industrial, modern, kind of-Gordon-Ramsey kitchen style. And it also makes reaching them easy and quick.

26. Get Rid of your Microwave

I am personally not a microwave fan but placing it on the level of shelves is not a good idea as you could use that space for mounting shelves or cabinets. You can change its position and put it next to your oven.

27. Use a Minimalist Chandelier

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This is definitely one of my favorite decorative items that you can use in your kitchen. Not only does it add more illumination to your area but it also serves as a fantastic decoration item. 

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