32 Amazing Minimalist Bedroom Ideas in 2019

Do you find the way your furniture is organized not comfortable? Do you want to change the interior of your house, but you don’t have any ideas or inspirations? Don’t worry, we have some amazing ideas just for you.

The traditional way of house decoration is no longer good. You can save a lot of space while keeping things looking good and organized.

The concept we are referring to is “Minimalism”, a lifestyle in all aspects of life. This lifestyle is known originally in Japan. If you notice, Japanese houses seem comfortable and well organized due to Minimalism.

Minimalism is living with less objects and things. That doesn’t mean living on a cave, but if you think about it, you will find that we don’t use a lot of things in our houses.

We keep unnecessary objects all over the place, which makes life difficult most of the time, crowded place, a lot of distraction and stress.

Types of Minimalist Furniture

There are a lot of types of minimalist decoration.

The most dominant one is Aesthetic Minimalism, which focuses on clean and simple decoration.

The process of decorating and tidying is difficult for a lot of people. As a result, sticking to a limited palette of colors and clean furniture could be the perfect solution.

For the fans of nature and environment,

Eco-minimalism is very convenient. The main goal of this type of minimalism is reducing throwing a lot of furniture in trash piles to protect nature.

The mix between minimalism and protecting environment pushed a lot of people to adopt this lifestyle.

Another type of minimalist decoration is efficiency minimalism.

This way of decorating is meant to avoid wasting time and suing only the important items.

Cleaning and organizing can take a lot of time, but with the “efficiency minimalism” you can save a lot of time and enjoy your weekend. Entrepreneur and Business people like this type of minimalism, because it saves them a lot of time to solve important matters.

The list of minimalist designs has another style called “Treasurer minimalism”.

It’s designed for people who focus on quality instead of quantity.

Acquiring and having items that have a good quality is very important in this decoration style.

The last minimalist style of design is “Furniture-free minimalist” that neglect having some solid furniture.

It’s one of the most extreme minimalist style, because it relies on using less furniture. It may not be comfortable, but it’s worth trying. Therefore,

Furniture-free bring back the feeling of living in nature

Minimalist Modern Bedroom Ideas

As said before, Today’s minimalist decor is characterized by the use of limited palette of color and simple shapes furniture.

If we take the most used room, as an example, which is bedroom, we’ll find that most of us spend a lot of time in it. Therefore, it’s worth having a good looking bedroom, clean and simple.

The old style of decoration is fading while the modern minimalist style is spreading faster.

Time is limited, and people are no longer fond of organizing and cleaning  the bedroom every few days.

Leaning towards simple modern bedrooms became the best option.

Less doesn’t mean worse in this case, it means feeling comfortable in the bedroom.

Having a bed and a small simple bedside keeps you away from having a hard time while you are in your bedroom. It takes less space and makes your bedroom looks nice and clean.

There is also the possibility of having a simple comfy sofa if you want to stay in your bedroom.

The combination of the white color and wood texture gives a feeling of purity and spirituality to the room.

The closet has its place in the minimalist decoration.

To benefit from the closet, it’s obligatory to get rid of all the clothes that you don’t need. By doing this,

you will not have a hard time choosing what you wear, and you will keep your bedroom clean and organized.

For the people who like to have a specific atmosphere in the bedroom, they can install some lights on the wall.

The color of light is important, because it impacts the bedroom in the night. The lights should match the color of the furniture in order to have a good looking bedroom.

Minimalist Bedroom Decoration – A Variety of Dynamic Choices.

Minimalism doesn’t prevent you from living comfortable.

You can choose whatever items and furniture you want to use, and you have only some simple rules to follow.

A bedside and a lamp are essential in the bedroom. However, you don’t have to buy a bedside that you don’t use,

keeping only the important furniture is the core concept of minimalism. The lamp also should be simple and efficient.

Color play a huge role in the decoration of bedroom.

Having two complementary colors, like blue and yellow, gives a beautiful look to the bedroom.

A mirror hanged on the wall, is another cool trick, but it should be simple.

There is nothing good than a beautiful painting on the wall for the fans of art.

A painting can make a dramatic change in the bedroom. The painting doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find a lot of beautiful paintings with low price.

For the people who have a big house, they can have a bed in the garden.

This bed is consisted only of a mat in a wooden frame hanged by some ropes. It is a good place to spend the evenings relaxing.

A desk besides the bed is obligatory, because it helps in different activities such as doing homework, drawing or using the computer.

Kids are known for spending a lot of time in their bedroom. It is like their own territory or space where they are free to do a lot of activities.

A desk besides the bed is obligatory, because it helps in different activities such as doing homework, drawing or using the computer

A touch of green color added to the white color, reminds of mother nature. In case you need two bedsides, you can have them, because minimalism isn’t about limiting the use of furniture, but for decluttering your house and your mind.

Exposed bricks, old wooden furniture and some plants in the bedroom are another minimalist decoration set.

The wooden furniture release the scent that brings back the natural aspect to the bedroom. The plants should not attract insects, or you will have to deal with another problem.

Bedroom on a Budget – Minimalism Saves You A Lot Of Money

Not having a lot of money to decorate the bedroom could be a problem, but with the minimalist decor, you can avoid spending a ton of cash.

High-end or luxury furniture is just a waste of money,  After all, the bedroom is used by a limited number of people. With the modern minimalist design, you will have a good looking bedroom with lower price.

Minimalist decor won’t just saves you money, but also space and time. A simple bedside will do the job. You can also buy a simple item and hang it on the wall to add a touch to the bedroom.

With just few colors, you can create a bedroom with a positive looking. A pleasant bedroom makes you spend time in it and do activities such as reading, watching movies, relaxing.

Sometimes you can even customize furniture as you like with a low price.

The low price of minimalist furniture makes the change of furniture easier.

You don’t have to wait a long time to save money for expensive furniture, in fact, you will change whatever you want with easiness.

The range of option available in the minimalist decor is exciting.

There are a lot of good looking furniture in the market.

The simplicity of the furniture makes the minimalist decor stands out.

It’s good to search for ideas and inspirations. Internet is full of ideas, you just need to spend some time finding the right decor for your bedroom.

  • Minimalism Saves Space.

Not all people have a big house or a big apartment, which requires using the space in hand wisely.

A small bedroom decorated properly is better than a large bedroom. If you have a small bedroom make sure to use all the space available, especially besides the window.

It is also better to use a small bedside instead of a large one so that you save space.

The bed should not be more than needed, a sufficient bed is better, after all it’s only for sleeping.

For the little babies, it’s better to provide space for them so they can play and have freedom moving around.

Kids also don’t need a big room, a small room satisfy all their needs. In fact, furniture for kids is designed to fit in small places.

For the little babies, it’s better to provide space for them so they can play and have freedom moving around.

Kids also don’t need a big room, a small room satisfy all their needs. In fact, furniture for kids is designed to fit in small places.

Bunk bed is a good option for a bedroom shared between little two brothers or sisters. It saves a lot of space, because you can use a small space to its fullest. All that makes you avoid having two separate beds on one small room.

A small bedroom is not a problem with minimalism. In fact, you can buy some simple shelves in hang them on the wall to organize books on them.

The bed mat could be placed on the floor without a bed frame, which makes you feel connected with earth.

The limited use of items and furniture parts is needed if the bedroom is small.

In brief, Minimalism isn’t living uncomfortable, but it’s a decor style that makes your life easier.

The limited colors and furniture, reduce a lot of stress.

Today’s minimalist furniture is available in different shapes and colors. Its main characteristics are simplicity, organization and beauty.

The low price makes this decoration style the best option for everyone.

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