When people hear about ” Minimalism” they think about living with almost nothing, but the truth is, minimalism makes your life simple. It’s to live with less stuff and take control of your own life and discovering purpose.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that we can use it in different life aspects: home designs, art, technology… Etc .

We love everything about it.

My name is tucker and I’m a huger minimalism fan. I love simple living and I can’t stand over consumption. I used to live a completely different life, the one where I had too much stuff, I couldn’t live without buying too many clothes, the latest cars, the latest iphones (I even used to stand in line to get the latest ones, EVERY YEAR).

I turned my life around and now I want you to learn how I made that happen!

Follow along with me on this blog where I talk about everything related to minimalism and simple living.

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