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For some people, settling down, living in a big house and buying the latest technology is what gets them all stirred up, given that it’s commonly perceived as the go-to way to flaunt one’s success and find happiness.

Whereas if you take the time to explore alternative ways of living, you will realize how little you actually need to lead a happy life.

We tend to overconsume and think we need more when we could be content with much less. The simpler, the better. As Walt Whitman put it: “Simplicity is the glory of expression”.

Have you ever thought about forgetting everything you’ve known and been taught about success and happiness, and considered exploring alternative ways to accomplish great things?

Ways that will both help you in your quest of self-fulfillment and not be a bore to the environment. Sounds appealing? Welcome to Alternative Living 1.0, strap in!

We’re about to take off. I’m taking you to the land of Basics of Alternative Living. From there onwards, you will be able to walk your own (alternative) path and be less of a nuisance to this planet.

It may sound harsh but it’s true, our planet can no longer take it. If we don’t make an active effort to save whatever’s left, everything is going down the drain.

I have made my research and came across several examples of alternative living that don’t cost much and will make your life and that of future generations a tad better.

Read through the three examples I’ve compiled below, these are the ones I most connected with, I am sure most people will too.

  1. Living in a tiny camper trailer  

If you want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and sacrifice the comfort of your house by moving into a smaller space to have a significantly reduced environmental footprint,

spend less money, have more time for outdoor adventures and be location independent, then RV living might be for you. While it comes with many sacrifices, mostly related to societal expectations of a “normal” home and everything we’ve been taught about conformity, it’s definitely worth a try.  

If this lifestyle interests you, you can start by buying an old RV (new ones are more expensive obviously), fix it up and hit the road.

Many campgrounds offer spacious lots and have nice amenities, and they usually have good security, which makes it safer to live in a travel unit than in a house because you are constantly surrounded by others who live close by. And the best part is, you are not bound to stay in the same campground forever,

If your neighbor is bothersome or if you encounter a problem with your campground, you can simply hook up and leave, no strings attached!

  • Living without cellphones

Have you ever imagined living without your smartphone? Having to wake up the old-fashioned way, with an alarm clock… Being able to disconnect, take a step back, disengage and gain some perspective.

Cellphones take up too much of our time nowadays, mostly through social media apps that are nothing but nasty distractions. They waste the time you could actually be using in your favor,

working in something that would benefit you. You’ve surely noticed how your attention is easily diverted due to your abnormal obsession. Stop for a second, and think of all the things you could achieve during the hours on end you spend scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.

According to some people who have done the challenge of not using their phones for several months and decided to share their journey on their blogs, abandoning your smartphone for a while can be such a huge technology detox, since too much of anything becomes toxic.

Cellphones should be used as a tool, a means that will work to your advantage, not as a burden preventing you from thinking and creating in peace, that’s where you draw the line.

Granted, it’s not easy. The first few days are going to be hell, some will even feel like an addict without his shot, but give it some time, show some resistance, and you will slowly start to notice the change, no urge to check on your phone every 2 seconds, that’s the real meaning of peace in a world where everybody is hooked to their devices…

  • Living in a traditional Mongolian yurt

Another tiny house option for alternative living enthusiasts is the traditional Mongolian yurt. The yurt life is very quiet and takes you back to a primitive era where everything was much simpler.

The yurt is highly resistant to wind and rain during the cold days of winter, its round shape is designed specifically for wind resistance purposes.

The canvas layer, on the other hand, is waterproof. However, the yurt is for the most part made of natural materials which can rapidly perish if not taken proper care of due to humidity and other factors.

So, if you’re planning to set up a traditional Mongolian yurt, you’d better be doing it with the intention of living in it, because if it’s just to stay there for a few days, then the tent will deteriorate fast.

All in all, living an alternative life can be both challenging and rewarding, but one thing is certain: it’s definitely worth a try! If you are not sure what lifestyle suits you best, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Don’t feel pressured to settle down when there is so much to explore and so little time, take advantage and seize whatever opportunity that comes your way while you can!

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