Minimalist Accessories Ideas 2019

Minimalism is one of the biggest trends that the world is knowing right now and we cannot deny that we love everything about it. If you are new to this concept, consider minimalism as a concept or a lifestyle that can be applied to different life aspects.

The principles of minimalism consist of simplicity, clarity and singleness. You can apply this principles whether to your home design, art works, decoration, DIY projects, clothing and to many other accessories that you use in your day to day life. If you are someone who find it very stressful to live in an environment where there are too many distractions of objects around that makes it hard for you to cherish what you have,

We recommend you opting for minimalism as your lifestyle. Get rid of all unnecessary stuff and keep only the things that you use the most in your life. In this article we are going to show you some minimalist ideas that you can incorporate in your daily life.

1-Minimalist Office Accessories: Pick Storage That Is Practical And Functional

When it comes to your office, you don’t want everything to be out of control so everything must be very organized and every item should be functional and practical so you can do your work easily and with no stress.

  • Modular Organizer:

A desk organizer is one of the best accessories that you can get for your desk to avoid clutter. You can use it to gather all the essentials that you use such as your phone, your coffee mug, note sticks, pens…etc.

You can either make it by your own if you have the right tools or just ask your local carpenter to make it for you. It surely won’t cost you lots of money.

  • Wire Magazine Rack
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A magazine organizer is a must in every office. It saves you lots of space and helps you organize your magazines or your note books in a very organized manner.

We also love the look of the rack as it’s made of wire and that adds a beautiful touch of industrial minimalism to the overall design. Hang it near your desk so you can have fast and easy access to it.

  • The Office Desk

The office desk is the most important item in your office, therefore your choice should be made very wisely and thoroughly.

One of the best advantages of opting for a minimalist desk is their cheap price. They are usually made of wood and their size is very moderate,

It’s just what you need! There are many designs that you can choose from but we recommend getting one that has some shelves underneath the top part that you can use to store books or paper trays to save some extra space in your office.

2-Pick Your Colors And Textures Wisely

Colors within any context plays an important role of setting the mood of the place you are in and that also applies for your office. The general and first color that we have in mind when we think about minimalism is white and that is true.

The white color accentuates the other items that you have around your office whether be it the desk, the chair, and every other item.

The white color adds more texture to your space but don’t be afraid of incorporating other colors for the walls. You can also match the colors of the wall with the colors of the furniture in your office and the results is usually satisfying.

The texture also plays an important role into making your office a minimalist one. The materials that are usually used in minimalism are wood, Corian or granite. They all add a very noticeable texture yet very pleasing to the eye. Try incorporating them to the floor, the ceiling or even the walls.

Sometimes adding just a small plant vase on your desk makes a big difference. The green natural color is always very pleasing to the eye and therefore we recommend adding this very important item to your office. You can either put a small one on your desk or pick a bigger one to put near the desk.

3-Work With What You’ve Got

One of the purposes of minimalism is avoiding the use of unnecessary stuff. Don’t buy things that you know are going to be of no function to your working space and that are just going to take space for no reason. When starting the process of designing your minimalist office, make a list of things that you need so you avoid buying useless items.

Even better, try to pick accessories that you have at home and use them in your office. Maybe you have an old plant vase that you never found the right place for in your living room or a paper tray that you never used.

This way you can save money and save space moving accessories from your home to your office

4-Incorporate wooden furniture

Using wooden furniture in your office gives a beautiful natural look to the space and adds a very pleasing texture to it. It can either be your desk,

your chair or just the small accessories that you have around such as your pen holder, or the bin. As we said before, to accentuate more the woody texture you can apply the material even to the floor or the ceiling.

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