Minimalist Art Ideas 2019

You probably heard the term “minimalism” a lot in the recent  years. You may have a basic idea about this term, but you are still curious, and you want to know everything about it. In this article we will cover a lot of things about minimalism like the minimalist art and its history,

The types of minimalist art and some amazing ideas about minimalism that could help you decorate your house and live a better life.

1- The Minimalist Art : An Overview

Minimalism started from New York in the early 1960s. The artists of this movement refused the art of that tie because it became academic and stale.

The dramatic aspect was of the equation in the minimalism art circle, because minimalist artists prefered the cool instead. Minimalist artists neglected overt symbolism and emotional content, instead, they focused on the materiality of the works. 

The end of 1970s was the point when minimalism influenced America and Europe through a lot of channels like museum curators, art dealers and publications

2- Some Of The Most Popular Minimalist Artists and Their Works

  • Frank Stella – Die Fahne Hoch!(1959)

The series of coolly impersonal black striped paintings, made Frank Stella a recognized painter. This series made a lot of changes in the abstract expressionism. Frank created complicated works due to his relentless experimentation.

Die Fahne Hoch is one of the most important artwork he made. It’s considered a key monument in modern art that belongs to the series of black paintings done by Frank stella.

  • Tony Smith – Die(1962)

This legendary sculptor and painter contributed a lot to the birth of Minimalism. His character was strange, because he changed a lot of his views throughout the years, and his relation to the minimalist art was different than the other minimalist artists.

Die is a sculpture made by Tony Smith. The specifications of the work are as follows “a six-foot cube of quarter-inch hot-rolled steel with diagonal internal bracing.”. The weight of this cube is 500 pounds. The goal of the sculpture is inviting the visitors of the museum to walk around it and discover everything closely.

  • Carl Andre – Lever(1966)

Carl Andre made a collection of sculptures that are considered the most innovative of his generation. He has an important role defining the nature of minimalist art alongside other artists.

At the 1966 Primary Structures exhibition,Lever was the most audacious entry that introduced minimalism to the public. The simplicity of the work was annoying, and some even said that this type of art could be done by anyone due to the simple materials used in it.

3- The Movements Of Minimalist Art

Apart from the main movement in the 1960s and 1970s, there were new movements in the late 20th century. These movements want to become innovative in order to revive the minimalist art. The most importantmovements are :

  • Neo-Minimalism

This art style or movement is vague. It’s found in various domains such as music, painting, sculpture and design. This art has a lot of other names like Neo-futurism, smart art and new abstraction. Some of the popular artists of this movement are Paul Kuhn, David Burdeny, Laurel Smith and Time Zuck.

  • Post-Minimalism

Going beyond the idiom of minimalist is the goal of this movement. The original minimalism of the 1960s lacked  the expressive content, because it was extremely simple.

This movement focus on how the idea it’s conveyed rather than its purity. The key figures of Post Minimalist are Eva Hesse, Anish Kapoor, Hannah Wilke and other amazing artists.

3- Types Of Minimalist Art

Minimalist art and paintings exists in different types. However, there only few types worth talking about. The following styles are characterized by simplicity, clarity and elegance. Having some minimalist paintings, wall art, and posters of the styles we will talk about, is a smart step to make you house and rooms look better.

  • Minimalistic Abstract Art

Abstract minimalist artwork are simple and clear. The details are less compared to other types of art. The lines and shapes in the minimalist art are very trivial and small in number, but the meaning they provide is pure and elegant. A minimalist abstract artwork adds beauty and elegance to the place.

  • Geometric Minimalist Art

Even though simple, geometric minimalist artwork is sophisticated and carries a deep meaning. This art requires using a strict geometric language, limited palette and consistent format. Some artworks consist of shapes used in strange way like an uncommon angle different than what we usually see.

  • Nature Minimalist Art

Forget the landscapes and the paintings with depth and great details. Nature minimalist artwork is completely different. Some artworks do not use the green color that represent nature, instead, they use dark gray colors.

You can find even an animal made with simple shapes and lines. The simplicity of the minimalist nature artwork makes the message of the piece very clear .

4- The Minimalist Superhero Art

This is the new trend. Everyone likes superheroes, especially kids. Some digital artists used the minimalist guidelines and rules to make cool minimalist superhero artwork.

The limited colors and the simple shapes convey a clear and strong message. The Superhero artwork could be used in T-shirts, paintings and logos.

Minimalist superhero posters are not expensive. If you want to avoid what the majority do, consider buying a minimalist superhero poster for your kids, they will love it.

A minimalist superhero poster stands out from the rest of the posters that are filled with details.

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