Minimalist Watches For Men

As the technology keeps developing and creates really sophisticated and crazy items, we still find inside of ourselves a need for simplicity once in a while. This is often reflected on our daily items, for example, our watch.

The choice is large. A diving watch to keep track of your trip under the ocean? Or a GMT watch to know time in multiple zones? Or even a smart watch that can tell time and send notifications directly to your wrist, keeping track of your fitness stats and even paying for your meals?

If you are not in need of these highly advanced gadgets, a minimalistic watch is a better accessory to your wrist. Simply because they are very subtle and don’t scream for attention trying to give an image of your wealth or status.

Subtle straps and clean cut designs with no tech features are the answer.

1- Mondaine Classic :

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Mondaine is a Swedish brand that is known for making watches that are not only minimalistic and stylish, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Most of their designs use a combination of three colors: black, white and a cherry red.

Black and white are two neutral colors that reflect differences in a exaggerated manner as they are the opposite ends of brightness. While red is usually used in designs because fovea has more red colors receptors.

This model has also eye-catching bold hands that provide the finishing touch to its unique design.

2- Junghans Max Bill Quartz :

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Junghans is a German brand that combines simplicity and style in all of its designs.

The Max Bill Quartz is a water resistant model with convex solid Plexiglass coated with Sicralan. It comes with a black leather strap attached to a stainless steel buckle.

The hours and minutes tracks come in silver and pop out of the black, and the date function is placed on the 3 o’ clock marker and fits delicately in the design.

3- Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm :

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This watch is distinguished by its very refined color combination: the stainless steel case is rose gold plated and is attached to a brown leather strap.

The classy brown for the strap completes the rose gold and white in perfect harmony.

Both of the case and the strap are sleek, giving the watch a lightweight feel and making it easy to wear on an everyday basis.

4- Jack Mason Nochikaru Nautical :

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The Jackson Mason Nochikaru Nautical is the perfect combination of tradition and modern designs.

Its traditional dark brown leather strap is attached to a thick stainless steel buckle that gives a classy look.

It has white with black stick hour markers, and subtle dots to mark the numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’ clock making the design look very minimalistic and stylish.

Also, the strap is interchangeable with any other Jack Mason strap (22mm), so you can find a style that goes with your look easily.

5- Alessi Men’s AL8004 :

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The Allesi Men’s AL8004 has a unique shape since the face is in a dark grey but has a wide contour is black. This creates a two-piece dial that makes the eye focus on the center with its silver rounded hands and stick hour markers that stand out of the design. The thin black leather strap makes of this model an all-black design, and of course, black makes everything more elegant.

6- Braun BN0032WHSLMHG :

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This watch by Braun has its own original touch comparing to other minimalist watches. The textural appearance of the strap is very clean and clear and gives brightness to the design with its light silver color.

The face of the 40mm case is white with black numbers, which keeps the color combinations circling around neutral colors. However, the use of the yellow second hand and the red topped date display gives a soft but intriguing touch.

7- Tsovet JPT-PW36:

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This gentlemanly watch is another all-black design with a light touch of color. This time it is a mint green second hand that goes perfectly with the black dial and the white indexing, giving it an athletic kind of look.

8- Timex Easy Reader Grande:

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The Timex Easy Reader Grande is definitely a watch for men of all ages. Its genuine leather strap goes along with the silver case of 35mm that circles a bright white face with black large shown numbers and a date display.

No part of it stands out for its own or is exactly unique, but put together, the result is a great one.

9- Shinola S0100026:

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This Shinola model is a pure minimalistic one, but with a twist. It is a refreshing connection to nature.

 It’s hard to go wrong using a combination that occurs in nature: varying shades of brown and green will always work.

A little detailed touch of yellow is also visible on the face which also complements the colors palette.

10- Uniform Wares M35:

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The Uniform Wares M35 is a Swiss model that may look just like any other all-black watch, but that is way more practical and durable considering the used materials.

Its water resistance is up to 50m, and its hands are made of aluminum, while the strap is made of black cordovan leather.

11- Skagen Holst Ancher:

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Skagen is a brand that creates purely functional watches; any unnecessary frills are stripped away.

It has a chronograph 60 with a 30 second timer, and also a date keeper.

This model combines a black leather strap that throws the attention to the blue face. And as details matter, the cobalt dial and the silver finishes provide the neatness of the model and make the purchaser want to wear it on every occasion.

12- KOMONO KOM-W1904:

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Komono is a business known for its high standards for both function and quality. You can easily recognize their watches by the logo placed on the 4 o’ clock marker.

This watch from Komono is a simple and clean watch designed for an everyday use. Its all-black design gives a stealthy style: a black dial sits against thin white markers and numerals with a white minute/hour hand a red seconds hand.

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