Minimalist Watches for Women

Minimalism has become a style that you can apply to different life aspects. Whether it is house designs, DIY projects, arts, or decoration, now you can also apply it to your personal clothing style and appearance. In this article we are going to show you how to achieve a minimalist look using minimalist watches for women.

Nowadays, wearing a watch is a great way to enhance your stylistic look as it functions as an accessory and a piece of jewelry. Their function is also synonym to what minimalism is all about which is simplicity.

How many times we get caught up scrolling down Instagram or Facebook when the only thing we wanted to do is to check the time on our phone? The more you avoid using your phone to check the time the less distracted you will be, therefore a watch is a great way to omit that distraction form your daily life.

To help you choose the right minimalist watch here are some suggestions that we have carefully chosen for you:

1-Newgate’s The Corgi Red Silicone Retro Watch:

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This is one of the most eye catching watches that you can ever wear. If you are seeking a little bit of attention from your partner or friends, this would be the perfect choice for you.

We love the color of this watch as red is one of the most attractive colors that women wear. This watch is made in Britain and we love its classy, vintage and simple look.

It is also water resistant up to 50 meters. You can also find it in different colors, black, white and grey but we prefer the red color because you can wear whether you are in the office or while sunbathing on a beach.

2-Estella Bartlett:

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Estella Bartlett is a brand that specializes in jewelry making and many other accessories and that’s why we trust them with this pick.

Pink is one of women’s favorite colors and applying it to a minimalist watch gives such a charming look. With its white dial, white markers and blush pink strap, we can already feel the softness that this timepiece delivers.

We also appreciate the fact that manufacturers of this watch use vegan friendly leather alternatives which definitely gives it a plus in this domain .

3-Coach Delaney Watch :

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Coach is an American brand which specializes in the making of luxurious modern accessories and we can already see those characteristics in this watch. Its white dial and yellow strap is such a perfect combination that adds a great modern look to it.

What we like more about this watch is that it is scratch resistant and water resistant up to 30 meters so you can definitely wear it during a business meeting or a day at the swimming pool.

This watch would be a perfect gift for your girlfriend or spouse and we guarantee you that they will fall in love with it. This gift can turn a celebration into a day that she will always remember.

4-Cath Kidston Ladies Paintbox Flowers Watch:

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This fabulous pink watch will add a great touch of softness and femininity to your style. Pink and flowers are one of the most admired elements in the world of design and fashion by women and having them combined in a watch like this works like a charm.

This watch features a beautiful pink leather strap, a flowery dial, and a golden case that make this watch very luxurious looking.

Its style is very simple and you don’t have the numbers on the dial which allows us to admire its aesthetical beauty and simplicity. It is water resistant up to 30 meters.

5-The Camden Watch Company No.253 Memento Mori Black Strap:

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Lots of people think that black leather watches are only for men but that is not true, women can also rock the look of this watch.

It features and all-black leather strap, black dial, and white markers. It was primarily designed as a tribute to the advancements in the engineering field during the Victorian era. Its name “memento mori” translates to “remember you must die” but the London-based brand that this serves as an inspiration to remember that we should live.

Overall, we really like the simple and modern yet classy look of this watch. It is also water resistant up to 50 meters.

6-Jigsaw Myddleton 35mm Leather Watch:

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Jigsaw is a fashion brand which has recently launched its first watch collection and our top pick is the Myddleton 35mm leather one.

You can find it in 4 different colors: black, khaki, taupe and pink. Its style is very simple, classic yet contemporary and with a feel of luxury.

It matches perfectly our criteria of minimalism since the first impression that we get from this watch is “simplicity”. 

7-Accurist Signature Women’s Classic Watch:

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This British watch is perfect for everyday wear as it features a solid stainless steel bracelet and a scratch resistant crystal glass.

The brand is known for its high quality, solid and affordable products and this watch is the perfect example to illustrate that.

We also like the combination of dark blue on the dial with the stainless steel bracelet as it displays an industrial minimalist look. Beside that it’s water resistant up to 100 meters.

8-Olivia Burton Lace Detail Silver Mesh Ladies Watch:

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And last and not least, the Olivia Burton is probably our favorite pick in this list. The London based brand is known for its ability to combine vintage and contemporary styles in its products and the perfect example is this watch.

It’s such a perfect accessory to add a touch of elegancy to your look. Its beauty is enhanced with the floral prints on the dial which is not exaggerated which makes it very simple and luxurious.

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