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Planning a wedding is a stressful task. The huge list of tasks when planning a wedding, overwhelms most of people. So, Why complicating, and making things difficult ? Planning a wedding should be simple, this is why minimalism comes as a reasonable solution.

If you want to get things done, follow the minimalist lifestyle, and you will see quick and wonderful results. Don’t focus on details, or you will be distracted, and you will get nothing done.

Throughout this article, you will discover some cool minimalist ideas concerning Wedding planning. From the wedding dress, rings, invitation, decor to honeymoon. Every one of these aspects will be resolved with minimalism.

Wedding Minimalist dress

Picking a dress is one of the most important things in any wedding. There are a lot of ideas, designs and styles of wedding dress. However, minimalist wedding dress has a unique style, it’s the simplicity that makes it look elegant and gorgeous. Most of wedding dresses are white, but you need to look for other characteristics in the wedding dress.

  • Montreal Dress
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Montreal dress has the look, the style and reasonable price. It’s not like the other dresses that are priced 1000$ and more. This beautiful dress cost only 220$, and it can be used for other ceremonies.

  • DB Studio Mikado High-Low Wedding Dress
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For 180$, you can buy this minimalist, yet elegant wedding dress. It’s available only in ivory color, which is very suitable for a wedding dress.

The price of minimalist wedding dresses is convenient, because most of wedding dresses are used only one time or two. So, why spending 2000$ on a wedding dress and use it for once.

Wedding Minimalist rings:

As known, Wedding rings are expensive. Minimalist wedding rings are different from the rest. The most important aspect in every rings is the simplicity and the beautiful look. You need to pick a ring that stands out, and doesn’t follow the popular trends of wedding rings.

  • Diamond Marquise Equilibrium Ring

This beautiful ring costs 1,160$. It’s available in 3 colors ; Yellow, Rose and White gold. The six 1 mm diamonds on the side makes the diamond in the center stands out.

  • “D” Diamond Stack Ring


A 14K gold ring, perfect for a wedding. It adds a little flare to your finger. The diamond center surrounded by twelve pave white diamonds, looks beautiful in any hand. If you are looking for a beautiful ring with a moderate price, this ring is the best for you.

Wedding Minimalist Invitation:

As in any wedding, sending invitations is a very essential part of the planning. Minimalist invitations are characterized by the simple text and language, modern typography, and the negative space. The less details in the invitation card, the better it looks. In fact, the simplicity of the design makes everything easy to read and understand.

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This elegant invitation has clean lines, and the typography is paired with sparse blocks of text. What is different about this invitation, is the spelled out date of the wedding

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August & White has a special invitation design. This minimalist invitation card doesn’t have intricate, hand-painted florals or flourished calligraphy. Instead, it has a simple black and white line drawing of a sprig greenery that makes the card stands out.

Wedding Minimalist Decor:

When thinking about which decor you want for a wedding, you might think that the standard style is the one you want, because it saves effort. Minimalist wedding decor will save money and effort without undermining the look and the style.

The simple design aesthetic in the minimalist decor, requires neutral colors and clean lines. The basic color scheme is composed of white, black and gray colors. Moving to the accent, you need to use natural, organic pieces such as steel silverware or copper, acrylic menus, wooden tables and seats and some greenery.

Some minimalist decoration experts recommend naked tables and chairs, but a tablecloth also gives a clean surface. But sometimes the minimalist decor can cost more than the standard one. Chiavari, barn or acrylic chairs need a good budget.

Wedding Honeymoon  :

After the wedding, honeymoon comes. Some people prefer going to an exotic island to spend 2 weeks or so. However, you don’t need to go to a luxury hotel or resort.

A minimalist honeymoon will save you money, and gives you a unforgettable experience. With the services like Airbnb, you can find where you want to spend the honeymoon. You just need to plan for the trip and take the things you need.

It’s recommended to choose a place that is safe. The place where you want to stay at, needs to be a strategic spot. In other words, it needs to be near the places worth visiting like historical monuments.

Before deciding which place you will go to, make sure to do some research about it in order to get an optimal experience. The more time you spend planning, the more effort you will save.

The minimalist wedding is neither expensive, neither cheap. You will save effort and avoid the stress of planning and executing. Sometimes, minimalism saves you money, and sometimes it saves you effort. Try to focus on the priorities and you will have a wedding better than most of people. Minimalism will make your wedding an outstanding event that people will always remember.

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