The Best Minimalist Home Accessories You Must Have

For a minimalist the less the better, it’s quite simple, we don’t need much, and even when we do, we chose the simple and best minimalist designed stuff. So for a minimalist the house must have a minimalist designed accessories. It’s a way of a life, they say beauty exists in simplicity, and to be honest with you my friend,

I couldn’t agree more. Minimalism designed things is becoming more and more popular. Fundamental principles of minimalism are sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture, and pastel shades, lately we can add more colors and softer shapes.

Minimalism in design means spacious rooms with less furniture and more details.

The main element of this style is attention to shape, color and texture. Minimalism is getting popular because of what it represents, it’s a lifestyle that is especially popular among businessmen and creative people who value the combination of simplicity, sophistication and original beauty.

Minimalism allows you my friend to express yourself without using any bizarre wild   accessories or furniture. If you like simplicity and elegance in design, minimalism is the way of life you need.

And by speaking about minimalism accessories, in this article my friend we will show you some of the greatest minimalist accessories you can equip your house with, so make sure you read to the end.

1-      Minimalist Bathroom Accessories:

  • Canister Jar For Cotton Balls, Makeup Sponges…etc.

The space saving design provides plenty of room for storing a multitude of small essentials (hair accessories, hair ties, clips, elastic bands bobby pins, bows and more) and you can use it in home office for paperclips, rubber bands, binder clips.

You my friend will find a place for it in many rooms of your home not just bathrooms. For the quality built, like the image shows,

The jar is made out of glass and the lid from durable eco-friendly bamboo. It’s an amazing accessory that would make your bathroom looks definitely minimalistic.

  • Eco-Friendly Wood TRAY Holder For Jewelry, Cosmetics…

It fits just perfectly on top of toilet tank, offering you some great space to use for different other accessories, towels, cosmetics or simply for your decorating plants. It can also be used for a bedroom vanity or desk to store tissues, candles, jewelry…etc. It has that minimalistic aesthetic that assure it will fit anywhere at your home not just the bathroom.

  • Single Tooth Brush  Holder:

2-      Minimalist Kitchen Accessories:

The kitchen is where some of the happiest moments are shared or cooked, with food and some good company, you can say that it’s all you need for a happy moment. So the kitchen has a big importance for us, and for the same reason it’s why we want to keep simple as much as possible, right?.

What’s known about kitchens is that usually contain lots of stuff, and of course for a minimalist, the less the better.

We will provide you with some amazing accessories that you can use in your kitchen.

  • Knife Roll Bag:

Originally it’s made for chefs, but because after all, we all can be our own chefs in the eyes of our beloved ones.

This minimalistic well designed bag, offers you a collection of knives that you can use on your daily cooking adventure.

It has that minimalistic elegant design, the good thing about this accessory is that you can take it wherever you want to, so basically you going on a trip,

knives problem solved one easy quick single pack, and you all set.

  • The Nesting Bowls:

Not just that they are cute, but with that minimalist design they have, the nesting bowls add some distinguished elegancy to your kitchen.

You can make them as bowls where you can put your jewelry or your desktop stuff.

You can even use it and place some kind of small plants in it, a very useful accessory for people with minimalism lifestyle.

3-      Minimalist Home Accessories:

  • Towel Holders:


Because they occupy a very small part of our bathrooms or kitchens and sometimes our bedrooms, they definitely deserves to be on the list.

There are a lot of kinds and types, the ones with wood, metal or even customized.

Most of them comes with a minimalist design which offers you an elegant and a quick access to your towels, without having to look for them around the house

  • Pen Holders:

It may sound a bit weird to have such thing called pen holders inside your house, but, and because  the we attend to love those weird stuff,

Having a pen holder is actually a great idea, it’s an accessory that you can use to put all your pens and stop the miss that all the thrown pens may cause.

They come in different shapes and fabrics, which gives you a variety of choice, of course the choice of the pen holders with a minimalist design. You should really consider having one, remember the simple the better.

  • Wall Shelves:

One of the most amazing accessory you could ever ask for, why? It’s simple, it provides you with more space on the ground.

So basically what you are doing is using the wall for a good cause. Keeping less stuff on the ground, and adding more to the wall in an elegant fancy way.

The wall shelves they are very benefic when it comes to classify your favorite books, movies or some beautiful plants to add a freshness elegant look to your wall, and of course keeping the minimalist design of our house. So, my friend if you don’t have any, you should consider looking for some well-designed minimalist wall shelves.

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