The Best Minimalist Wallets in 2019

It’s the new era, the era of smart, thin and small, people are going crazy for smaller stuff. And wallets aren’t no exception, the time of big, thick wallets has gone, it’s time for the slim but functional wallets to take over the world and are a much better choice for everyone who’s looking for a good designed and practical wallets.

With everyday changes, it’s hard to not find a wallet that will suit your taste. Minimalist wallets are the way to go for a modern style.

The world is developing itself into cashless lifestyle, which means people are looking for wallets that can carry all the items they need, but that keeps the slim-fit modern style.

It’s time for you to have that minimalist wallet you will be needing, so, in case you never had a minimalist wallet you my friend came to the right place. We will provide with different wallets and for different genders and uses, so read to the end and make sure to choose the right wallet.

One more thing to keep in mind that the best minimalist wallet for another person may not very well the best minimalist wallet for you, it all depends on the your usage and your taste.

1-      Minimalist Wallet for Men:

  • The Wally Micro Wallet:

Not necessary the smallest one, but one of the best a man can have in his pocket. A very functional minimalist wallet, with a great design and features.

It’s all built from full grain leather, it can carry a decent amount of cash money besides its capacity to be reversible.

  •      Basic Slim Wallet :

One of the wallets that can do it all, a minimalist wallet, beautifully designed and elegant. It can carry up to 15 cards and it has a small back pocket in which you can put any type of cash. It has that classic basic style that keeps you classy and modern at the same time.

  •     Micro Soft Shell Wallet by SlimFold:

In case you were looking for something that can last with you for a lifetime, the Micro Soft Shell Wallet by SlimFold is the one you go for.

An ultra-thin wallet with a very elegant classy minimalistic design, which comes with two great features: waterproof and stain resistance.

Not only that it’s been tested and virtually proven to be indestructible.

2-      Minimalist Wallet for Women:

  •        The Minimalist Wallet ORO:

One of the very first minimalist wallet designed especially for women. It is just a perfect ladies wallet, Thin, Durable,

Strong and Water Repellent. It has everything you would look for in a modern minimalist wallet

  •       Long Zip Wallet:

It’s made for all the special ladies out there that don’t like to carry purses. It has that sleek minimalist design, it can carry almost everything from cash, cards or even coins. In case you are not much of a purse fan, then this is what you need.

3-      Minimalist Card Wallet :

  •        Machine Era Stainless Sallet:

Well, if you ain’t into the classic leather wallets to carry your cards, the MACHINE ERA STAINLESS WALLET is the one you looking for.

A great minimalist wallet, it can hold up to 7 cards. A very strong wallet, with thin body and a very light weight. It even comes with a bottle opener, so you don’t have to worry about opening that bottle of beer.

  •        The Trayvax Summit Wallet:

It’s that kind of wallet a man with very few items will carry. A thin, well designed wallet and a very light one, it carries up to eight cards easily and it even has a location to store some cash.

Its built with some of the highest quality materials, to ensure a very great built quality and a sustainable durability.

4-      Minimalist Wallet With Woin Pocket:

  •       Postalco Pressed Cotton Card & Coin Wallet:

One of the prettiest you can find out there, a handcrafted wallet constructed using vegetable-tanned leather and pressed cotton. It has that elegant minimalist design.

You can use it for all your needs, cash, cards and coins, give it all what you have. It includes two pockets for coins and cards, as well as a back slot that accepts flat bills. The perfect wallet for a modern minimalist style.

  •        The Makr Cordovan Zip Slim Wallet:

It comes with a very slim and simple design, which makes it what every minimalist will look for. It is made from premium Horween shell cordovan leather. A very elegant and simple wallet, it is great for keeping different items including cash, coins, cards and receipts safe and secure in a sleek pocket-friendly design.

5-      Minimalist Leather Wallet Pattern:

  •       Folded Leather Wallet:

The Wallet design consists of perpendicular flaps folded together to create a neat front pocket minimalist wallet.

The main compartment can fit a handful of cards and some folded cash. The “quick access” flap on the front is designed to hold your most used cards and some folded cash. This design also features an optional thumb slot on the back.

The template comes with 4 holes marking the suggested top and bottom points of the stitching line.

6-      Minimalist Wallet RFID:

RFID-blocking wallets are designed to insulate your belongings from the interrogating radio waves of RFID readers. Their protective outer shell has frequency-blocking technology that greatly reduces the range that RFID readers can skim your information.

Which means that your information can be safe inside your wallet. The RFID-blocking wallets is a great solution for people that really cares about the security of their information (credit cards, driver license…). It’s true that most of us are familiar to the old leather wallets, but the new sleek metal designs, that usually contains RFID blocking, aren’t just improvement in design but also in security.

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