The Easiest Minimalist Clothes Ideas for 2019

The definition for minimalism might differ from one person to another, but one fundamental idea is what commons everyone: make everything that add no value to your life, all negative thoughts, and all toxic relationships disappear. It also means taking your time, spend your energy with them who appreciate you the most, live where you happy the most:

Decide what is and what is not truly important to your well-being. Doing so requires thorough analysis, as we need to become aware of the essential difference between what we think we need and what we really need. In the fashion race, loads of stuff come in and out every day.

So before being a fashion trend, minimalism is a way of life and philosophy it can have an effect on your personal style, your appreciation of arts and designs, your living space, your beauty routine and your fashion choices. Minimalism is suitable for everyone.

It all depends on the needs and way of life of each person: What seem little for some can seem much for others, so basically the minimalism in clothes is to stick with what makes you happy and comfortable the this article we will provide you with some great minimalist outfits and many other wonderful ideas, make sure you read to the end.

1-      Minimalist Clothes List:

Every minimalist needs to have this list of clothes in his wardrobe:

  •          The sweater, adaptable with almost every outfit
  •          Long-sleeved shirts
  •          T-shirts ( basic ones with different colors or you can stick with the black and white classic combination)
  •          A business outfit ( a suit and tie for men, a skirt and some classic topping for the ladies)
  •          a pair or two of jeans ( light or dark depends on you)
  •          two or three pants
  •          exercise sneakers
  •          casual sneakers
  •          boots
  •          blazers
  •          running shorts
  •          sandals
  •          tank tops

Well, that is all you need to start your journey as a minimalist. Of course the numbers of pairs can change depending on what you use and like the most.

2-      Minimalist Clothes Rack :

The market provides you with a different types of rocks, the racks that you can use to make your room look amazing and have an elegant touch.

One of the best minimalist designed racks that you can use is the classic GARMENT RACK, it comes in different designs you can pick the one you like the most.

3-      Minimalist Clothes Style :

Will, being a minimalist is a way of life, like we said before, so how to have that minimalist clothes style? , basically being a minimalist is less clutter when it comes to your clothes choices,

Which means more classic styling. For what concerns the minimalist clothes style, my advice for you my friend will be: stay true to yourself, wear the things you comfortable in and of course try new stuff.

We will provide you with some cool ideas in the upcoming paragraphs.

4-      Minimalist Clothes Storage:

The less the better, so for the storage. You having that list of clothes we mentioned before, gives you the ability to manage your clothes better and store them in the best possible way.

Use the racks, vertical hangers and you can go for the door space, it’s all tools that can help store your clothes in a minimalistic way.

5-      Minimalist Maternity Clothes:

One of the hardest things for all the beautiful pregnant ladies out there, is to find that minimalist outfit that will suit her and the baby on her belly. It’s a challenge, right ladies? Well, I have some good news it won’t be anymore. I’ll give some good minimalist clothes ideas that will make your pregnancy journey stylish in a minimalistic way.

Well the thing is very easy, go to your closet, and look for the things that will make feel YOU, most of pregnant women attend to go for larger bigger sizes, will it doesn’t have to be like that for you pick something nice and simply put it on, and shine you wonderful.

6-      Minimalist Toddler and Baby Girl Clothes:

After 9 months of pregnancy and a big struggle, the little baby comes to life, and here you go again mom, on your pursuit of making that baby looks as pretty and clean and stylish, as possible. You beloved mom as a minimalist, you will look to have the minimalist clothes for your baby girl. This is our list of what a minimalist baby girl clothes represents:

  •          1 or 2 sweaters
  •          5-8 bodysuits
  •          5 sleepers
  •          3 sleep gowns
  •          2 sleep bags
  •          4 outfit sets
  •          Some hats, socks and bibs

The toddler list:

  •          Rain jacket
  •          Jean jacket
  •          Hoodie
  •          Sneakers
  •          Sandals
  •          Trousers or pants
  •          T-shirts
  •          Long sleeves shirts
  •          Hat

Here you go MOM, make your babies shine bright.

7-      Minimalist Men Clothes:

The life of a minimalist isn’t always easy, with all the large choices we have things are getting harder. But let’s keep the style going, here is a list that will make you look stylish with keeping your minimalist lifestyle:

  •          Shirts: basic colors (white, blue and grey) you can change from shirts to sweatshirts.
  •          Pants: dark jeans and a casual pant will be super great
  •          Accessories: a stylish brown leather belt
  •          Footwear: casual white sneakers and a leather black boots
  •          A blazer

8-      Minimalist Clothing Capsule:

Example of a capsule

The minimalist clothing capsule represents the simple core of clothing that you can wear each day and every season. Creating a minimalist capsule can simplify your life to the point that you can focus on more important things. Setting up a capsule depends on many things:

  •          Colors: your minimalist capsule should include neutral colors such as black and navy. Simply choose colors that you love and that look good on you.
  •          Separate your clothing: Seasons dictate that you dress layered during some times and sleeveless in others.
  •          Go classic: always pick classic over trendy, simple and classic will never go out of style, unlike the trends that come and go on the whim of a designer.
  •          Avoid formal:  Everything in your minimalist capsule must be great to wear.
  •          Stay comfort: Make sure your capsule fits as it should. Use fabrics that will make you feel great even if your weight varies.

9-      Minimalist Clothes Hanger:

Nothing better to end this article with than some cool minimalist clothes hangers.

The good thing about hangers is they can be used to hang many stuff in one hanger. Which provides you with more space and organize your stuff in a better way.

You can buy some existent hangers on the market or challenge yourself and make your own. So are you up for the challenge.

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